Jardin Rouge

The objective of our festival is to set up a space of freedom and inventiveness, to provoke moments where a varied public meets new artistic forms, shaking up the known and the expected. Jardin Rouge, a production by the international artists’ collective and production company Snowapple, exists to defend emerging and established creation, characterised by audacity, the search for new forms and the breaking of conventions.

Jardin Rouge develops in places, theaters, and cultural spaces invested in the support of artists and provides performers a freedom of action and adaptation. Our festival features spaces that are ready to transform themselves in order to seek out the spectator and surprise them.

Based on the notions of experimentation, laboratory and sharing, Jardin Rouge proposes artists to meet and confront their practices, but also to exchange knowledge with the spectators in informal spaces and during quality workshops, intended for both professionals and amateurs. Together, we celebrate creation, encounters and the pleasure of making mistakes!


Jardin Rouge Intergalactic 2022 is an invitation to leave a barren land and create new experiences, free from gravity.

Our festival opens the door to the unknown, to black holes, to hospitable planets and spaceships to offer us the possibility to dream bigger, far from our blue planet.
These last years have enjoined us to fold our wings, to walk around our few square meters of living rooms and cities; but today we want to mutate, to transform ourselves, to become a
new chimerical being, human-animal, object-plant, extraterrestrial unfolding in the universe and the multiverse.

Jardin Rouge is a multicolored spaceship with no destination, whose stops will be random, sometimes in orbit, sometimes for a few minutes on a smoky planet, sometimes meeting asteroids.


Each year since 2019, Martijn Grootendorst, artistic director of Theater De Roode Bioscoop, has given Snowapple a month-long carte blanche to produce Jardin Rouge. Snowapple, Moon Cabaret, Theater de Roode Bioscoop and a host of guest artists have joined forces annually to create this festival through workshops, performances, screenings, meetings and all kinds of art.

In 2021, Jardin Rouge emerged in Mexico City, as Jardín Rojo, celebrating the opening of the Casa Snowapple Mx artist residency. For two days, the Snowapple honored Mexican artists, especially women whose work is still too often overlooked. We can only hope that Jardin Rouge will continue to blossom in new territories


The color red refers to the place where the festival was born: De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. Red symbolises the social and anarchic atmosphere that prevailed in 1913 when the venue was founded. The mission of this theater is to be a haven of freedom where established and emerging talent can experiment freely.

A large garden: the aim is to create a playground, an organized and unorganized gathering of old and new friends from all over the world. To bring the color red back to the place, we called our festival Jardin Rouge. Our garden grows and appears in different places, cities and even countries.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

WHICH ARTISTIC DISCIPLINES DOES JARDIN ROUGE FEATURE?Jardin Rouge features ‘forgotten’ disciplines such as Object Theater, Puppetry, Clowning,
Table shows, Mime, Music, Cabaret and Visual art.
WHERE DOES THE FESTIVAL TAKE PLACE?Jardin Rouge takes place in different locations across the globe.
Jardin Rouge Intergalactic 2022 will take place in the Haarlemmerbuurt in Amsterdam at De Roode Bioscoop, Zaal 100 and Salon De Ijzerstaven.
WHEN WILL THE NEXT EDITION OF JARDIN ROUGE TAKE PLACE?You can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media @jardinrougefestival to be the first ones to find out when the next Jardin Rouge will take place.