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Zaal 100
20 March : 16:00

Hache Collective

Spain-Mexico-Chile-United States

Hache Collective is a group of individuals who work together, looking for methods of collective creation in which improvisation, movement and research are centered. Their method functions as a sound/art laboratory in which each member of the group brings their own ideas or propositions, and other members help to develop it in a collaborative way. Openness, care and commoning are guiding values of Hache’s work.

improvisation and movement with early forays into cumbia
Performance piece: Hache Goes Cumbia – Hache Collective

Hache Goes Cumbia is an expansion of Hache’s study in classical, jazz, and experimental music to include cumbia music, a genre of popular and folk music from Colombia. For two months in the spring of 2021,

Hache worked out of Casco Art Institute, taking a workshop with musicologist Ruben Pastor Perez on the history and rhythms of cumbia, arranging popular cumbias for their ensemble and beginning to combine improvisation and movement with early forays into cumbia. They continue to study and connect with musicians with a deep connection to cumbia and bring together elements of music, movement and theater.