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Zaal 100
18 March : 19:30 & 22:00
19 March : 19:00 & 21:30

Jan Modaal

The Netherlands

Jan Modaal writes punk schlager songs. This straight-forward singer-songwriter has an excellent live reputation. Jan’s lyrics show a great love for the Dutch language. The songs find balance between a cheerful plea and an outrageous declaration of love. “Wil je dood ofzo?” (“Wanna die or what?”), Jan’s debut EP, was released in 2020. In four cutting pieces, Jan sets out his vision on the world. Loud, catchy and to the point. Jan Modaal is the man of the people, the shrill voice of a generation.

A cyberpunk theater lecture
Performance piece: Kunstmatige Domheid (Artificial Stupidity) – Jan Modaal

Apart from being a musician and theater maker, Jan is also active as a developer of Artificial Intelligence software. This unholy trinity will come to life in Jan’s new show: Kunstmatige Domheid (Artificial Stupidity).

This will also be Jan’s first solo theater show. In this cyberpunk theater lecture, Jan will combine his love for computers with floaty language and pressing beats. How enlightening!

Kunstmatige Domheid (Artificial Stupidity) is a cyberpunk theater lecture, centering the relation between (wo)man and technology. How can I be free when companies appear to know me better than I know myself? Professor Modaal will explain in a lively show, accompanied by words, images and tunes.

Epilepsy warning because of the use of many light flashes