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De Roode Bioscoop
26 March : 16:00 & 18:00

Janneke Raaphorst & Alin Gherman

The Netherlands

Janneke Raaphorst is a textile wizard and storyteller from the Netherlands. She celebrates the glory of deterioration, the patina of the world. She creates performative objects to suspend disbelief, then infusing experience with meaning through storytelling; the material and the mythological realm start to overlap.

Alin Gherman is a composer who writes scores for and performs on his own handcrafted musical instruments. Currently he is playing and singing ‘medicine music’ to support listeners accessing body, mind, and spirit-expanded consciousness realms.

a cyber-shamanic adventure
Performance piece: Tragedyhealingforcomputers .gr – Janneke Raaphorst & Alin Gherman

By exhibiting a series of magical objects that appear as instruments and by playing them, a space for storytelling opens. The guided tour is based on the prediction of the future, where computers are inspired to explore the depths of their soul independent from humans. Through an online encounter, via a computer or mobile device, listeners are invited to embody the oracle.