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De Roode Bioscoop
13 March : 20:30

Mandocello Duet – Traveling Music


Valérie is a singer, actress, coach, author, founder and member of choirs, bands and companies in Paris, Lyon, Lille and Brussels.
She founded and was a member of Chet Nuneta for 10 years, a world music vocal band.
She’s now a vocal and drama coach for victims of violence in the south west of France.

She’s been working since twenty-five years as a singer, an actress, as well as a voice and drama workshops leader with people of all ages and from different walks of life.

In particular, she practised in schools, in hospitals, with disabled and vulnerable people.
She attended singing and drama courses in Paris, France, from 1992 to 2012 and from then in various places until today.

Florent is a guitar and bass player, composer, arranger, founder and member of several
bands in the south west of France.

Traveling music

We perform world, folk, blues and jazz songs. We invite the public to participate vocally and rhythmically, sharing world sounds, traveling through languages, music styles, various colours and sensations.

Voice : Valerie / guitar : Florent

The show will be followed by a Polyphonic Jam Session conducted with the participants of the workshop “Sounds from Around the World” : 8 – 10 March (see workshop page)