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25, 26, 27 MARCH
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Moon Cabaret

The Netherlands – France – Mexico – Scotland – Italy – Spain

Moon Cabaret is the theater branch of international artist collective Snowapple, which brings together practitioners from France, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and Scotland.

Moon Cabaret has been experimenting with a blend of cinema, music, theatre and puppetry for the past 2 years, presenting work at festivals across Europe and

Mexico, including: Festival International des Arts de la Rue d’Aurillac (FR), Festival OFF d’Avignon (FR), Festival Internacional Cervantino (MX), Vondelpark Open Air Theatre (NL) and El Café Berlin (ES). Moon Cabaret recently toured with the Mujeres del Viento Florido in Mexico, a group of women from Oaxaca united to make and share music.

'We are King’s Fools, preachers, liers and poets who have seen too much' - Mrs. Moon
Performance piece: Interstices – Moon Cabaret

During the whole Jardin Rouge Festival, Moon Cabaret will welcome you in their intergalactic world.
Be ready for the unexpected, the incredible, the extraordinary… and let yourself be amazed.
We can’t wait to meet you.
To be continued…