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De Roode Bioscoop
26 March : 21:00
27 March : 17:00

Yakimov Family Trio

Russia – Czech Republic

Nikolay Yakimov (guitar, vocals) and Evgenia Logvinova (vocals, guitar, piano) are singer-songwriters in the contemporary chamber song genre, combining elements of different cultural musical traditions and modernity, authors of music for various theater projects in different countries.

Simon Yakimov (piano, vocals), the youngest member of this family group (15 years old), is a laureate of piano and composer competitions, writes music for classical chamber ensembles and solo instruments, for theater and cinema. He plays the piano and organ, including spontaneous and improvisational music.

The members of the trio have performed in the EU, Ukraine, Israel, Russia, America and beyond.

Currently, the members of the trio are participating in a Dutch theatrical and musical project, Tocchi Delicatti, in partnership with Snowapple, Evgeny Ibragimov and Dimitar Dimitrov.

Performance piece: Concert – Yakimov Family Trio

The Belarusian composer and singer, Nikolay Yakimov, and multi-instrumentalists, Evgenia Logvinova and Simon Yakimov, are here from the Czech Republic to bring you a unique concert blending elements of traditional folk music and classical with vocal harmonies.