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Zaal 100
25 March : 19:00 & 22:00
26 March : 17:00 & 19:00

Nyari Mozi Theatre Community

Serbia – Hungary – France – Romania

The Nyári Mozi Theatre Community is a non-profit organization founded by civilians and formally set up as an association in 2001 with the aim that the permanent members of the community as well as the related artists together create a variety of genres of contemporary theatre (especially in movement and dance theater) as well as in the field of film.

At the heart of their work is always the human being and his body as well as the importance of community in everyday existence. Their unique and niche activities in the region have produced over the past years a diverse creative community based on intercultural relations which contributes to the creation of a more open and free-thinking society with a European ethos, in addition to individual artistic fulfillment.

An attention-ritual and dance experiment
Performance piece: Coloribus Nostri – Nyari Mozi

In an era of shifting to a virtual mode of communication, as we recover a little from ourselves and our thoughts. We don’t talk to each other interpersonally.

Nature is far from us, or just a successful station for the beasts we leave behind.
We don’t listen to ourselves, we don’t listen to nature.
No, we don’t know how to feed ourselves.
We’re too tired to think!
How can we think and judge again? It will only happen if we change!