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Zaal 100
26 March : 22:00

Spons & Draad

The Netherlands

An Anarchist Urban Music Collective… new-fangled provincial… quite Life-Drunk Shamanistic DaDa-Punk with Poetry of the Own Island and so Bla.

Modest Neo-DaDa Music-Men with a big Hangover… or 1 Cacaphony of experimental improvisations captured in contemporary smartlappige free-Jazz-compositions… a Time-travel from Disco to Brel who does Beefheart… not knowing both have already been lost.

dangerously dance-able Melodical Magic
Performance piece: Concert – Spons & Draad

Pretty Nifty Polyphonic Absurd Poetic very Stubborn Neo-Dada Jazz-Punk from the South-West of the Netherlands… cross-breeding expressive. Spoken Word with inventive Rhythms, funny vibrant Noises and dangerously dance-able Melodical Magic… traveling Space, jumping the ill ways of this Funky thing we call Life, giggling in our own Anarchistic way… Salty, Bold and without Subtitles… All the Way.

Percussion & Samples: Denz de Kroon
Bodrum & Trumpet: Ramon de Nennie
Drums: Gerard Steur
Noises & Effects: Roger van der Veken
Synths & Accordeon: Wybe de Haan
Text & Vocals: Ernst Norbert