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Zaal 100
26 March : 21:00
Zaal 100
19 March : 21:00
Zaal 100
12 March : 21:00

Suwanne Jo

The Netherlands

Suwanne, the initiator of this particular bar and the DJ, defends a safe hang-out for all (open minded) peoples regardless their sex, gender, race, body shape or sexual orientation.

a non-linear and non-binary adventure
Performance piece: Suwanne’s Clit-Club

Suwanne’s Clit-Club has gained a reputation of being a hard to find, yet gorgeous spot; the climax of many festivals.

Come along on a non-linear and non-binary adventure during the Jardin Rouge festival, sneaking through wormholes, avoiding black holes and transforming assholes in the Zaal 100 intergalactic spacebar where the Clit-Club has carved out a special place for us all in the yoniverse.

After the last shows have ended, on three consecutive Saturdays, come out and dance, sip on a cocktail and/or clittail, sing your heart out with karaoke and embrace multiple choices for the Miss Parallel Universe Elections.

In the lightyear 2022 a shift in understanding celestial proportions is happening, after the geocentric and the heliocentric model, get ready for the yonicentric model of the universe.
Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between; Welcome to the space age of Aquarius in Suwanne’s Clit-Club!