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De Roode Bioscoop
18 March : 19:30 & 20:30

Tappin-It Collective

The Netherlands

Tappin-It Collective is a self-willed and ambitious collective that creates idiosyncratic multidisciplinary performances, steeped in tap dance, mime and music.

fast but sensual
Performance piece: IRMA – Tappin-It Collective

IRMA is a music/dance performance about the changing forms of communication and language in our modern (pandemic) world. Armed with tap shoes, electric piano, saxophone, voices, hands and bodies – two performers explore the boundaries of communication and try to find a language that everybody and nobody understands at the same time.

IRMA can be fast but sensual. IRMA tells you both facts and lies. IRMA slows down, accelerates, her image freezes, then catches up and breaks the connection. In a unique mix of physical theatre, music and tap dance IRMA brings you into a world where being ‘lost in translation’ is both beautiful and uncanny; a universe where communication is groovy and melodic.