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De Roode Bioscoop
19, 20 March : 17:00 & 19:00

The Demented Brothers

France – Belgium – Italy

Legend has it that they were born with exceptional magical powers… legend has it that their duo has always existed. Legend has it that they have never taken a magic class because they are so strong…
The legend says that they have never met, because they were already there. The legend… may be wrong.

When an Italian and a Frenchman meet in Belgium, there’s everything to make a good start to a joke, or else something very serious. The Demented Brothers were born on the street in 2014, and since then they have been travelling the world to… try… to impress the public with their magic tricks.

From cabaret to theater to the street to television, they’ve had great costumes sewn just to blow your mind.

Performance piece: Experts in Magic – The Demented Brothers

If you are reading this, imagine a blockbuster trailer with action, suspense, magic, intrigue and love…

They are beautiful. They are serious. They are sexy. They are talented. And they wrote this script themselves.

After having travelled the world and met the most talented masters of magic, the Demented Brothers come to offer you their best conjuring

tricks: the disappearance of a scarf in the ear, snake training, the fakir’s resistance to pain, the world record for optical illusions, the impossible escape from the “big wooden box”…
You will be amazed.
That’s for sure.
For sure.