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De Roode Bioscoop
25 March : 19:00

Snowapple Trio

The Netherlands

Sometimes wistful, sometimes powerful, always unexpected – it’s hard to find the words to encapsulate Snowapple’s myriad of sounds. Three central voices melt together into hypnotic harmonies, backed by captivating lyricism and quirky yet beautiful chord changes. Brimming with influences ranging across pop, opera and avant-garde Cumbia (Columbian folkloric dance), this ensemble of singers and multi-instrumentalists are defying genre in every way possible.

"Brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes. My mouth was left agape." —Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1
Performance piece: Concert – Snowapple Trio

The Snowapple Trio will perform a set of old and new songs by members Una, Laura and Laurien. This show features dreamy, almost psychedelic harmonies and a ‘retro cool’ style.