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De Roode Bioscoop
20 March : 20:00
De Roode Bioscoop
11 March : 22:00
16 March : 18:00

Mame N’Diack & Friends

Senegal – The Netherlands

Mame N’Diack has been collaborating with the Snowapple collective for several years. He will present his talking drum techniques and assemble jam sessions to discover these instruments at the Roode Bioscoop. His world combines percussion, storytelling and the creation of what he calls medicinal music, musical circles that use sound and sharing to influence the soul and emotions.

Performance piece: Jam Session – Mame N’Diack

Mame and friends will take you to other lands. What shall I say? Other lands? To other worlds!
Sometimes rocked, sometimes carried, this jam session will be a moment of peace in the turmoil of this intergalactic festival.
Get on board the ship of rhythm. Will your skin resist the call of the dance?