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De Roode Bioscoop
13 March : 16:00 & 18:00

Cie Slap & Stick

France, Germany

The Living Cartoon Duet was born from a meeting in 2017 between two women brimming with imagination and humour. Pianist Camille Phelep plays regularly on the silent films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin in Berlin. Sophie Lavallée, actress and singer, loves to make funny voices and sometimes dubs for cartoons. From this encounter emerges a concept of show: project a series of cartoons and accompany them live with an original sound creation.

The whole soundtrack of the cartoon is recreated: the dubbing, with a characteristic voice timbre for each character; the sound effects, performed with salvage objects such as a cheese grater or small instruments like the guimbarde or the pandeiro; and music, piano and singing with original compositions.

All this is happening live and on sight. The cartoon seems to come out of the screen and come to life. The public discovers what is happening in the film recording studios, the magic of dubbing and sound effects.

The cartoons presented are classics such as Walt Disney, Tex Avery, or Betty Boop. A dive into the world of animation in its beginnings, in a bubbling and creative Hollywood.

During this cine-concert, parents and seniors can discover, rediscover, or even discover cartoons from their childhood. The children discover animations from another time, slower, more poetic and sometimes even in black and white.

This cine-concert is a real meeting between generations, where the border between adults and children no longer exists for a moment.

The cartoons come to life
Performance piece: Living Cartoon Duet

This cine-concert was born from an original concept: to recreate a live soundtrack of a cartoon.

It takes us to Hollywood, in the creative bustle of the 20s-30s, in the world then in full construction of animation.

Cartoons by Walt Disney, Tex Avery or Ub Iwerks but also characters such as Betty Boop or Felix the Cat are projected on the screen. On stage, an actress and a musician do everything before your eyes: music (piano, vocals, percussions), sound effects (objects of recovery, percussions) and the voices of the characters (Jibbrish, English, French). The cartoons come to life!