We'll work with several games and exercices, vocal and physical training, improvisation and learning songs from various countries, languages and cultures. We'll experiment polyphonic singing and some specific vocal techniques. We'll also visit how to tell the story of these songs and pass on the torch while singing them. This workshop is about hearing, listening and resonating, exploring voice possibilities.

It's about feeling and being aware and awake. All this in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere, seriously joyful and cheerfully serious.

All levels welcome. You're welcome to bring musical instruments. Please plan to wear soft and comfortable clothing and socks, and to bring a notebook and a pen.

At the end of the week, we'll gather to share our colored music palette during a concert-jam rendering. This concert-jam will take place on Sunday 13 March at 21.30 at De Roode Bioscoop.

Bienvenue !
Valerie, Mandocello Duet.