Nyari Mozi

The workshop- ambulance- laboratory is based on 5 parts.

Built for performers (musicians, actors, visual artists, sculptors, for all those who want to experiment being a performer).

Each part is connected, but they can also be done separately.

1) Physical warm-up to awaken the body and eliminate toxins. (jumps, ways of walking, running, stops, supports,  holds .... ground work … with or without a partner )

2) Work with a partner, based on  breath / breathing, stretches , releases etc ... role exchange.

 3) Discovering our environment (nature, urban) through the developments of our senses searching a common direction how to explore the environment. ex:  walk along the canals, eyes closed listening to the sounds, touching different surfaces. It is also a couple work, one being a guide to a person and vice-versa.

4) Following these tangible experiences we go back to the studio to restate them, it is then that the observation of different corporalities and different visualizations, representations of our bodies are experienced and analyzed through sensations like walking on a rocky ground , a slippery one, barefoot in the grass ... etc ... , the effect that various noises such as those of a railway station, a building site, a forest may have on our bodies, how do we make them visible, up to the extremities of the body ..

5) Silence session how to reconnect with your inner self  to listening what is just happening in the moment.

We shall return to the outdoor spaces on several occasions to repeat the same exercises and explore them and exchange with others about the experiences that most marked the group synthesize them.